The chilly night wind was howling in through all the open windows and whistling in through every tiny opening left by the closed shutters. I was getting tossed on a side upper birth in a sleeper coach in a train in India; no A.C., no blanket, no warm clothes, and uncovered ears. The cold air had made pathways through my clothes. The moment I blocked one, it drilled another one. It was hopeless; the night had just begun.

As I lay shivering with my teath rattling and body stiffening, I softly called out to the one person I dearly remembered then. The one who had endured unbelievable hardships, including many torturous train journeys. His remembrance was my only shield against the ruthless wind. I didn't ask for help; I just yearned for his presence.

When I woke up next morning, I remembered that someone had covered me with a warm blanket and I had pulled it closer to my body. It was warm and my body relaxed. And was that a loving pat at my shoulder?

He had come, like a father comes for his child, to comfort me. A father doesnt say much, he just does it all. It was definitely him, because when I woke up in the morning, it was just my plain clothes and uncovered ears. There was the warmth, but no blanket. It was definitely him, who else?

Thank you dear Guru Maharaja for accepting me five years ago on November 5th 2012.

An incapable disciple of HH Radhanath Swami Maharaja,
Ajit Nimai Das

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