Mindful Leadership by Radhanath Swami at England on 22 March 2017

Bank of England
Radhanath Swami at Bank of England

● Wherever there is mindful compassionate leadership, it inspires the good within individuals and society.
● Whatever a leader does, that's what common people see as the success of life, and will thus follow.
● Everyone on one level or another is a leader, because we influence others!
● All leaders, in every aspect of society, began as very small people, with a view to make a difference.
● Parents may be successful in a worldly sense, but if they don't have values to pass on to their children, what is their legacy?
● To appreciate the values others have is a very important part of leadership.
● If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll be stupid it's entire life. (Quoting Albert Einstein).
● It's not the thing that gives value, it's the love which it's given with.
● Things can give no pleasure to the heart. The only thing that can give pleasure to the heart is to love and be loved. And when love is expressed in this world, it takes the form of companion.
● The highest form of leadership is compassion.
● Leadership means to bring the good out of people. And when done in this way, they will go above and beyond their capacity.
● For one who much is given, much is expected!
● You can tell how rich you are by counting how many things we have that money can't buy!
● It is so important for us to build this inner foundation within our own hearts.
● Emerson said that the reason why there is so much disunity in this world is because people are so disconnected from themselves.
● Jesus said, what profit the man who has the whole world, but loses his soul? The Bhagavad Gita says the same thing.
● In our tradition there are 3 principles that are very important, Sat Sanga, Sadhana and Sadachar.
● Sat Sanga means to have the company of people who bring the good out of us, and inspire us to bring the good out of others.
● There are 2 dogs fighting in our hearts, a good dog and a bad dog. The one that will win is the one that we feed.
● Greed isn't necessarily the formula to get the best out of people.
● Sadhana means to put some special time, as a priority, in our day where we reconnect to ourselves through prayer and meditation.
● Sadachar means to live by values.
● Today, there is so much disunity in the world, and we may get depressed! But where there's the greatest necessity, there is the greatest opportunity to do something good.
● The value of whatever we give and receive is the intent in which it is done. That is the value that the world is starving for.

● How to create time to focus on our inner foundation?
● The direction our life goes is based on what we prioritise.
● What we prioritise in our community is what people take most seriously.
● If the parents prioritise, by the example and words, higher values, it goes deep. And even if the children revel, it's still there and they usually come back to the same conclusion.
● If we prioritise something, we will make time for it.
● A wholesome and fulfilling life is a balanced life.
● We have an occupation and families, and if we neglect these, we will regret it.

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