Doctors, Wellness Experts & Spiritual Guru speak on ethics

Radhanath Swami

Medical experts, fitness gurus and spiritual leaders, deliberated on preventive and proactive medicines along with the use of ethical practices among the medical fraternity. 

The day-long conference was organised by Global Foundation for Ethics & Spiritual Health (GFESH) here yesterday.

ISKCON spiritual guru, Radhanath Swami Maharaj, addressing the gathering, focussed on the role of ethical medical practices. 

He said, "Simple living and high thinking is not about being a penniless person, but having a simple well-wishing heart. Doctors should respond to their patients with compassion and thank God for giving an opportunity to serve humanity." 

"In the current scenario, we need a paradigm shift from focus on the treatment of disease to the promotion of wellness of communities, families and individuals that is patient-centered and community-based," added Radhanath Swami Maharaj. 

Dr Mickey Mehta, wellness expert and guide to many corporate and Bollywood stars said, "In the state of equilibrium, your body is the world's finest pharmacology to produce any bio-chemistry in the need of the hour to confront, cope and conquer the state of disease." 

"If your mind is calm, your physiology will be calm and if your physiology is calm then body's self-repair mechanism will work perfectly," he said, highlighting the importance of regulated breathing and yoga, which bring in compassion and take away lust, greed and negative thoughts. 

Mehta said sunlight, breath, meaningful rest (proper sleep) and feeling of joy are in fact key nutrition for the body apart from the food we eat. 

"Humans have an ability to rise above God or fall below animals. It is our choice in which direction we evolve," he said talking about mother nature and how human beings have been consuming natural resources. 

The event was addressed by noted healthcare experts Dr Himmatrao Bawaskar (known for international recognition for cure for scorpion venom), Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi who has done a lot of work against tobacco addiction and cardiac surgeon Dr Subhash Salunkhe. 

GFESH is instrumental in bringing medical and healthcare practitioners together to evolve a new holistic healthcare system based on ethical principles. 

It aims to provide holistic healthcare solutions encompassing the mind, body and soul, and helps promote ethics and spiritual health in medical practice.
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