What is “Amrit Droplets” Project?

• Amrit Droplets is a series of small audio clips which are of 1-2 minutes in length extracted from the Lectures by H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj - Thought of the day in Audio form- trying to extend the principle of Shravanam


Why the name “Amrit Droplets”?

• Amrit is a Sanskrit word which means Nectar. Nectar has a property that who so ever will consume it, his/her life span will become very long (therefore almost immortal). Drops are very small spherical portions of any

large liquid body. And Droplets are even smaller than Drops.

• So, words of a pure devotee are nectarine (Amrit) which means their words inspire & encourage us to go to the immortal spiritual world.

• As we have extracted these clips from HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s lectures which are about 1 hr long. So these clips are very small as compared to the full lecture in terms of length, hence the name ‘Droplets’.

• This is the concept of “Amrit Droplets”.

Purpose of “Amrit Droplets”:

• Due to lack of time, many devotees think twice before starting to listen to a lecture. But if we give them this option of a direct medicinal dose for a particular ailment they are searching for, taking which requires only 1-2 minutes then we may reinstate the inclination of people for shravanam.

• In the morning, we can listen to any one of the Amrit Droplet & then contemplate over it for the whole day.

• It is like an Instant Power Booster.

• We may save our favorite droplet as our mobile ringtone or message alert tone or alarm which will keep reminding us the specific point.


Few suggestions for getting the maximum out of these small droplets:

• Before listening to any Droplet, just remind yourself this statement, “As the Droplet is just 1-2 minute long, I will keep aside everything of this world for these 2 minutes & just try to listen each & every syllable with great attention”

• As the clips are small but carrying the powerful practical method to come one step closer to Krsna, we have to give our maximum possible concentration on each & every syllable spoken by H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

• We may keep these droplets in our MP3 players or in our mobiles & can listen to them during breaks. They will really energize us from our fatigue and boredom of material struggle.

• We may select a suitable droplet for the kids to listen to over and over again. This will surely create a positive impact on their psychology & will help them in refraining from bad habits.

• You may search the droplets as per your desire or need by pressing CTRL & F together. This will display a search box in the top left of the page. You may type in key words you are looking for like – ‘love’, ‘material’ etc. and find the droplet you are looking for.


Please popularize this by telling your friends & relatives about the project.

Any suggestions to improve upon this are welcome.

Hope you really enjoy and implement these Nectarine drops of Maharaj’s words in your life. Haribol!!


0001 - Request to all of us.mp3

0002 - Always be busy in positive & don't leave time for negati...

0003 - Charity comes from Compassion.mp3

0004 - Definition of Goswami.mp3

0005 - Don't be surprised of envious people.mp3

0006 - How principle of Discipline works.mp3

0007 - How to develop taste for Srimad Bhagavatam.mp3

0008 - No Gain Without Pain.mp3

0009 - Pleasing Krsna by Discipline.mp3

0010 - Spritual Life is holistic.mp3

0011 - Taste for Bhagavatam is important.mp3

0012 - Eligibility for understanding Srimad Bhagavatam.mp3

0013 - Free Will comes with Responsibility.mp3

0014 - How to get taste in Srimad Bhagavatam.mp3

0015 - Nature of Material Desire.mp3

0016 - Philosophy without character has no meaning.mp3

0017 - Realisation is a gift of Krsna.mp3

0018 - Srimad Bhagavatam is an incarnation of Krsna.mp3

0019 - Why don't animals produce karma.mp3

0020 - Purpose of temple.mp3

0021 - Whom to associate with.mp3

0022 - How to attract Lakshmi.mp3

0023 - Helping our Godbrothers.mp3

0024 - Honouring great souls.mp3

0025 - How to become fearless.mp3

0026 - Reveal power of soul.mp3

0027 - What does humility mean.mp3

0028 - Acting under superior guidance.mp3

0029 - Being fearful of commiting Vaisnava offense.mp3

0030 - Parents' Responsibility.mp3

0031 - We must fight.mp3

0032 - How parents can show real love for their children.mp3

0033 - How to Progress without falling victim to material energy.mp3

0034 - How to utilize the weapon of the Holy Names- Hearing, Readin...

0035 - Conclusion of scriptures cannot be found by reading scriptur...

0036 - Problem with Material progress.mp3

0037 - Safest place in this material world is where devotees loudly...

0038 - Why some see Krishna in the Diety while others see it as sto...

0039 - All differences end at death.mp3

0040 - Greatest charity.mp3

0041 - Arjuna is representing human society.mp3

0042 - How to participate in congregational chanting.mp3

0043 - How to surrender unto Krishna.mp3

0044 - The most valuable thing we are having.mp3

0045 - No material arrangement can give real happiness.mp3

0046 - Love is the greatest power on Earth.mp3

0047 - Two ways of chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra.mp3

0048 - Chastisement by Spiritual master is relishable.mp3

0049 - Grateful for being chastised.mp3

0050 - Human body is a chariot to cross the battlefield of material...

0051 - Offering back to Krishna with Love.mp3

0052 - Supersoul speaks to us through Guru.mp3

0053 - The Lord's Anger is not like our anger.mp3

0054 - Spiritual master is the transparent via-medium.mp3

0055 - Politics are always changing & will keep on changing.mp3

0056 - Greatest gift of God.mp3

0057 - Guru Sadhu Shastra.mp3

0058 - Human life is more valuable than most precious diamond.mp3

0059 - Our opinion is worth nothing.mp3

0060 - Secret of how to free ourselves from anxiety.mp3

0061 - Spiritual discourses are not meant for entertainment.mp3

0062 - There will always be an excuse to put off Krishna consciousn...

0063 - Transcending happiness and distress.mp3

0064 - A real preacher should have genuine compassion.mp3

0065 - Silent chanting or loud chanting.mp3

0066 - The Greatest sacrifice.mp3

0067 - The Supreme Austerity.mp3

0068 - This material world is a prison.mp3

0069 - What does it mean to rise above dualities.mp3

0070 - Effect of Blaspheming the Holy Names.mp3

0071 - Power of Mahamantra.mp3

0072 - Purpose of knowledge IDesireTree.mp3

0073 - How can we expect to see the soul.mp3

0074 - Importance of Prabhupad books and appeal to devotees.mp3

0075 - Proof of God's Existence.mp3

0076 - Significance of raising arms while chanting.mp3

0077 - We are building sand castles.mp3

0078 - We are so dull headed.mp3

0079 - What is the prime duty of a person who is about to die.mp3

0080 - All we do is chanting dancing and feasting.mp3

0081 - Being grateful in every condition.mp3

0082 - How to become resolute in purpose.mp3

0083 - Mad Elephant offense.mp3

0084 - Meaning of Krishna consciousness.mp3

0085 - Not necessary to give up occupational duties.mp3

0086 - Price for getting love of Krishna.mp3

0087 - Rejecting what is unfavourable.mp3

0088 - The way we should approach scriptures.mp3

0089 - Why do we not see Krishna everywhere.mp3

0090 - Chanting with enthusiasm is great service.mp3

0091 - Following in the footsteps of Bharat Maharaj.mp3

0092 - Essence of scriptures can only be understood from Acharya.mp3

0093 - Die to live.mp3

0094 - Devotees are not hard hearted.mp3

0095 - You can feed stomach only through the mouth.mp3

0096 - Only criteria for making decisions in life.mp3

0097 - Friction in the automobile of material existence.mp3

0098 - How do we purify our hearts.mp3

0099 - Love is realisation of knowledge.mp3

0100 - Real love is love for the soul.mp3

0101 - Without loving God one cannot love anyone else.mp3

0102 - Our near and dear ones achieve benefits of our spiritual wea...

0103 - Greatest gift we can give anyone.mp3

0104 - Lubricant to avoid friction in material society.mp3

0105 - Don't take material life very seriously.mp3

0106 - Why do devotees put Tilak.mp3

0107 - There is no such thing as death.mp3

0108 - Bombs you built in last life are attacking you now.mp3

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Aspiring Dis
Comment by Dhananjay Vashistha on April 12, 2016 at 7:11am

Iskcon Desire Tree has made an Android App for this. One may take its full advantage.

Here is the link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radhanathswami.amrit


Aspiring Dis
Comment by Shalini Shah on November 17, 2014 at 2:30pm
Thank u very much for Amrit droplets. It is very inspiring .

Comment by Hari Vallabha das on February 12, 2014 at 4:24pm

Thank you very much Dhananjay Prabhu, you are very kind!

Aspiring Dis
Comment by Dhananjay Vashistha on February 12, 2014 at 3:22pm

This is the link for 2nd phase of Amrit Droplets containing 92 droplets in a single zipped file


This is the link for 1st phase of Amrit Droplets containing 108 droplets in a single zipped file


Comment by Hari Vallabha das on February 12, 2014 at 1:25pm

Hare Krishna Prabhu,

Thank you so much. Would it be possible to download the new 200 Amrit Droplets in one zipped file?

Aspiring Dis
Comment by Dhananjay Vashistha on February 4, 2014 at 9:19pm

Another set of Droplets are uploaded here 200 Amrit Droplets on iskcon desire tree. This time, it is also having short stories, personal experiences & Q n A

Aspiring Dis
Comment by Dhananjay Vashistha on January 28, 2014 at 12:13am

Thank you so much to all the devotees, here. Actually, this Amrit Droplets Project was possible by the mercy of HG Vaishnav Seva Prabhu, the director/manager of whole IDT & its related websites. He is a member of ISKCON GBC Outreach Committee. Day & night, he is putting so much endeavor to implement new & new ideas so that we can get some interest in Krsna Consciousness.

I am so much grateful to him for converting this whole idea into reality.

Let us all get inspired & motivated by listening these Amrit Droplets.

We will try to put a single zipped file containing all the 108 droplets here on this page very soon. By that time, devotees may use this link to download all the droplets in a single zipped file. It is 132 MB in total.


your aspiring servant


Aspiring Dis
Comment by Ravi Kumar Ippili on January 27, 2014 at 8:53pm

thank you so much Dhananjay prabhu for your kindness. and many many dandavats to IDT for sharing us.

Aspiring Dis
Comment by geetanjali on January 27, 2014 at 4:00pm

amazing, very very nice and wonderful project. the best part which I liked is that we can use them as ring tones and alarm tones also. 

Thank-you a million times for such a wonderful seva


Comment by Hari Vallabha das on January 23, 2014 at 6:25pm

This is excellent, thank you!

Would it be possible to provide a single zipped file containing all audio clips which can be downloaded in one go, rather than individual downloads for each of the clips?

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