2017 Vyasa puja offering to HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj

Dear Gurudev, HH Radhanath Swami Guru Maharaj,


Please accept my most humble obeisance at your lotus feet. All glories to your dear Gurudev Srila. Prabhupada, who's instructions and seva is the sole goal of your life. All glories to Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu, who is your heart and soul.

I came to the association of your lecture accidentally on youtube about 4 years ago and it changed my life since then. Back then, I even didn't know you who you are and never heard you before but your magnetic and soothing aura, your personality of humility and tolerance, and your sincere and deep commitment to carry out the instructions of your Gurumaharaj, pulled me towards you like a helpless object pulled by a magnet. When I did not know what to do next, again another accident happened where you revealed one of your senior disciples to take me in your shelter without even me physically making any effort. That was your kind grace on me.

Dear Gurumaharaj, I always felt that your grace is always available everywhere, whether in terms of enchanting, deep lectures and instructions, or the kind love and association of your wonderful disciples. When I was about to move to Atlanta, you, by your grace arranged everything for me here. I never felt departed from the wonderful family I left at Houston. By your grace I got personal association of some of your wonderful disciples. You gave me H.G Shyambihari Prabhuji who welcomed me to Atlanta with open heart and his love and humbleness always made me feel home. I met H.G Ramachandra prabhuji, who’s lectures have similar potency as yours. You gave me H.G Adi Gadadhar Prabhuji who by his divine lectures takes our souls to spiritual realm for some time, and we feel we should never come back from there.  You gave me HG Advaitachandra Prabhuji, who is personification of Guru Nishtha and service, and he always gave me helping hand, whenever I felt myself weak, and always ensured I am at the right path.  They are all personification of your divine qualities and your grace, and I am ever grateful to them, and you for showering so much mercy upon me. I am also ever grateful to the entire ISKCON family of wonderful devotees who showed me the path of perfection and helping me to becoming eligible to be your servant.  

Dear Gurudev, past few months were so much difficult for me, where I fell into so much bewilderment and confusion. During this time, I took shelter of your lectures, instructions and shelter of your senior disciples, and you made everything so clear to me that I became very firm on taking right decisions. But because of my naive and immature behaviors like a conditioned materialist I am, I may have offended many around me. At this auspicious day of your Vyas puja, I whole heartedly take responsibility of all my knowing and unknowing offensive behaviors and beg mercy from all Vaishnavas to please forgive me and not to deprive me of their love and association, without which I will be nothing. I pray to you my dear Guru Maharaj to show me the right direction whenever I am bewildered, because its only yours and your great disciple’s mercy that I am trying to be alive in my spiritual journey. I am ever grateful to you again and again.

My only pray to Krishna on this auspicious day, that you should be in my life years after years and my appreciation and attachment to serve you always increases manifolds day by day and inspire and help me become little instrument in the hands of servants of your servants.

Ending with prayers for your good health to Lord Narsighadev

"sri-narasimha, jaya narasimha, jaya jaya narasimha 
prahladesa jaya padma-mukha-padma-bhrnga

O Lord, Please bestow your grace for the good health of HH Radhanath Gurumaharaj" 

Your Aspiring Servant of your servants

Probeer Das

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